What is a vector file?

We describe vector files, their action, and the exact substance versus jpeg and so on as (pixel-based) raster images. You can visit and download high-quality vector files from our diverse vector gallery

Vector Image Vs Raster Image

The difference between vector and raster images has a bit complicated definition.
I published this post to simplify the definition. This post represents Gathering related evidence among personal ideas with related visual media.
Vector images mean images that are built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid (Adobe Definition).

But the “mathematical formula” doesn’t appear clear enough to be understood.

In order to define the discussion better, let’s describe the raster image first then we discuss vector image.
Just like body tissue is made up of a large number of cells and cells are the smallest part of the tissue, raster images are made of the smallest constituent units called pixels.



Raster Image Property

  • Raster image e.g. jpeg files; images has been constructed of a grid, consist of a large number of pixels.
  • each pixel represents a monotone (or code of) color.
  • each pixel gets visible by the final zoom of the raster image.

Vector Image Property

  • Includes a different number of paths
  • Includes fill and a stroke
  • It Is open or close

The difference between vector and raster

  • Vector images are made up of paths while raster images made up of pixels
  • Vector images are scalable while raster images are limited to their resolution

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