What are vector paths and points in the vector design artwork

A vector path consists of one or more lines and at least two or more points.


A path can be straight or curved, and there is a point at the beginning and end of each line called the anchor point which changes the direction of the line.

Paths shapes changed by changing the location of anchor points.


A vector path can have 3 types of anchor points: smooth anchor points, corner anchor points and corner smooth anchor points.

The smooth anchor point connects 2 curved lines so that the lines leading to the anchor point of the smooth create a curved line.  The corner smooth anchor point joins One straight and one curved line to each other so that is called the corner and smooth anchor point while the Corner anchor point connects 2 straight lines.

A smooth anchor point has 2 handles which adjusts curvature of 2 related curved lines. Each of the corner and smooth anchor points can convert to each other.

An out line of each vector path called stroke which have different attributes:

Thickness and color

Path thickness is the width of a path which is assigned by a color and is mmeasured by point (pt)


Path style is anotherpath attribute which defines shape of a path:

Line, dashed and dotted style


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